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Medication Training and Support

Children, Adolescents, Adults

Do you lack knowledge about your symptoms and the medications you are taking?
Do you need help organizing and taking your medications?
Are you aware of how your psychotropic medications interact with your medical medications?
Medication training and support services consist of education and guidance about medications and their possible side effects.

Skill Training and Development

Children, Adolescents, Adults

Are you frustrated managing your health alone?
Do you lack knowledge about what resources are available in your community?
Do you need help organizing your life and managing your responsibilities?
Has everything else you tried not worked?
Skills training and development services are provided for individuals who suffer from serious mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, depression, substance abuse issues, and other psychotic disorders. TIRS’ skill training and development interventions focus on the improvement of communication skills, appropriate interpersonal behaviors and other skills necessary for independent living, when age appropriate or functioning effectively with family, peers, and teachers.

Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services


Are you having difficulty with carrying out daily living skills?
Do you struggle to maintain relationships with friends, family, or professionals?
Are you having difficulty establishing and/or maintaining housing?
Psychosocial rehabilitative services focus on restoring the individual’s ability to develop and maintain social relationships, occupational or educational achievement, and other independent living skills.

Crisis Intervention


Are you having thoughts of wanting to hurt yourself or someone else?
Do you struggle to maintain relationships with friends, family, or professionals?
Do you or others believe your behavior is out of control?
Crisis Intervention services provide short term intensive mental health care to individuals who are experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis. The goal is to address and stabilize mental health needs as early as possible.

Outpatient Services

Children, Adolescents, Adults

Need someone to talk to?
Tired of feeling the way you do?
Need a professional to help with your concerns?
Considering medications to help with symptoms?
Outpatient services provides individuals and families with psychiatric and counseling services in an outpatient setting. We treat a wide range of diagnoses including depression, anxiety, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, chronic mental health disorders, also other psychiatric and psychosocial concerns.

About Us

TIRS parent company was established in 2009 in Richmond, VA to bridge the gap between our youth and their needs by providing intensive supportive services. In 2012, we began servicing the adult population by offering mental health support services. We recognized the importance of providing a quality program that allows children, adolescents, and adults to develop the skills necessary to live independently in their homes and in the community. TIRS is a service expansion of the same quality services that we have provided over 10 years.

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